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Opus Energy
Elba Ltd

KAB Seating

Northampton Signs 

Oakleaf Care 

Monsoon Accessorize

Kirsty Austin, Childminder

Perco Engineering


The Avenue Retirement Home

Shire Hotels:  Kettering Park Hotel & Spa

Nicholls Engineering Services Ltd


Willi Betz UK Ltd

Bearward Engineering
Age Concern


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“The Apprenticeship Scheme is a great way to grow the Opus Energy team and find new, enthusiastic staff who can help us offer an exceptional service to our customers. We decided to partner with Northampton College on the scheme as they are a local and reputable provider who can reach local, young people
looking for employment. They have been able to identify
our exact needs and help us source talented individuals
who fit our culture and offer superior customer service.”
Annamarie Petsis Jones, Head of HR, Learning and Development, Opus Energy
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“As a company we actively invest in training as we realise the potential benefit of having a multi-skilled workforce, recently putting 17 of our employees through the Business Improvement Techniques NVQ Level 2 course. We have gained a tremendous amount from the training and by developing our key people to a common standard we have
adopted the new principles through our complete manufacturing
process route.


The new training complements the business objective to create multi-skilled cellular manufacturing teams using tools such as 5s, visual management, risk assessment and has enabled the development of empowered mini business cells that continually drive change and improvement whilst focusing on cost reduction and maintaining COTIF.


This structured and consistent approach has enabled our company to enjoy savings of around £400,000.  Northampton College responded very well to our needs and helped us to achieve our goals in a sensible framework of time.  I would definitely recommend Northampton College and the Business Improvement Techniques qualification to other organisations."

Robert Hancock, Operations Manager, Elba Ltd

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“As part of the Continuous Improvement drive and linked to the objective of TQ along with employee development, a number of employees at KAB Seating in Northampton have completed or are currently completing the BIT training programme which will deliver employee development and improved cost, quality, delivery and health and safety improvements.

In conjunction with Northampton College, 60 employees have undergone the National Skills Academy for Manufacturing’s National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in Business Improvement Techniques Level 2, a qualification inspired by the world’s leading manufacturing organisations.  The programme is being delivered by Northampton College who are also training in house presenters to a Level 3, in order to further disseminate the training to all other employees. The programme has been proven to help empower employees and improve performance in cost, quality, health and safety and delivery, as well as ensuring the application of Kaizen techniques, helping sustain the improvements that are made.

The service and support we’ve received from Northampton College Business Centre has been and continues to be excellent.  They’ve provided a good support network for our employees even outside of office hours.  I’d definitely recommend the Business Centre to other organisations who are looking for a training provider”

Ian Lloyd, Operations Manager, KAB Seating

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"Six of our staff have just completed and passed the NVQ Level 2 in Business Improvement Techniques with another group just about to start the training.  As a company we feel staff development is completely essential.  It not only makes your staff feel valued but it's also good for your business.  The more skills and knowledge your staff gain, the more efficiently they can do their jobs.  In a competitive environment you've got to develop all the time, you need to actively improve what you do to keep ahead of your competitors.

We now have a much greater understanding about lean manufacturing.  In fact, we've already implemented the techniques in our business in preparation for future changes.  It's a proven methodology for manufacturing businesses but the principles could easily be applied to any industry.

I'd definitely recommend Northampton College Business Centre.  The assessors were really enthusiastic and positive; they have a good wealth of knowledge and background experience so they know what they're talking about.  They showed us how we could directly apply the training to our business."

Simon Lowin, Group Managing Director, Northampton Signs

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"We use the College to deliver Health & Social Care NVQs to our unqualified nurses. We are also working with the College to put together a senior management course for qualified nurses. We have used the College for a long time now and have a fantastic relationship with the assessors. For the last 2.5 years we have been rated under CSCI a 3 star (excellent,
exceeds all standards) care home and I think our commitment
to staff development contributed to this outstanding rating.
 I would not hesitate to recommend Northampton College."

Kathy Swannell, General Manager, Oakleaf Care

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"We currently have two Team Leaders on the Skills for Life Literacy course.  Although they have a good understanding of the English language they are looking to improve their written and verbal communication skills.  Improving on these basic skills will enable them to further their development at an NVQ level from warehousing through to management.  As a company we like to invest in our people so they can develop their skills which benefit both the individual and the company.  The service from the Business Centre has been excellent.  We have a dedicated Assessor who visits the site, and that has given the employees the freedom to carry on with their everyday working life."  Cory Kondracki, Employee Liaison Officer, Monsoon Accessorize

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“Training with Northampton College has been a very beneficial experience regarding my childminding business. The College has helped me throughout the qualification with a dedicated and supportive assessor as well as informative workshops which were flexible and tailored to my needs. Achieving my NVQ in Children’s Care, Learning & Development has enabled me to put my knowledge and skills into practice and it has given me greater confidence in providing quality childcare.”

Kirsty Austin, a childminder based in Earls Barton

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“In a society where rules and regulations seem to take precedence over common sense, it is refreshing to see that Northampton College has its feet firmly planted on the ground and meet the requirements of the customer. I would certainly recommend that other organisations open a dialogue with
Northampton College to assist with their training needs.”

Gary Houghton, Director, Perco Engineering

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“We have six Apprentices working at Outcast in total and we couldn’t do without them, their enthusiasm to learn means they are a key part of the salon and because they are still young, their skills can be adapted to the needs of the business. The hair industry is constantly changing so this is a real benefit. As an employer you can be confident your staff are properly trained and know the basic fundamentals of hairdressing. Our Apprentices have gone from strength to strength, working their way up in the salon to senior levels. I couldn’t want for more.”

Victoria Bradford, Director of Outcast, Northampton

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“We invest heavily in training, so our staff are qualified as required by law. We chose the Business Centre because of its good reputation, experience and the funding available. We received a really good service, assessors have been brilliant!”

The Avenue Retirement Home, Northampton

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Shire Hotels & Spa

“We have nine staff training for their NVQ with the Business Centre. Training is looked at every day by us and more staff will do training so that they can develop themselves academically as well as operationally. The Business Centre is fantastic, they really want to
get people through the training. They have more
information, more choice, nicer people!”

Rebecca Noad, Personnel & Training Manager, Shire Hotels, Kettering Park Hotel & Spa

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“Since completing the ITQ qualification, I can produce more professional documents using tables, watermarks and chapters. This was of great benefit when re-writing our ISO9001:2000 manual. The skills I have learnt have made me more efficient and I have far more confidence when using different programmes. The assessor understood what I wanted from the training so it completely related to my industry and requirements.”

Cathy Dawtrey, Company Secretary, Nicholls Engineering Services Ltd

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“Many of the staff have realised that they can learn and gain a qualification. Some of the staff would never have done an NVQ. Our assessor has been brilliant and very flexible as we operate on a 24 hour basis. All of the staff have given me great feedback and a lot of them have already completed their NVQs.”

Michelle Sharp, Implementation Coordinator, Boots (Wellingborough Distribution Centre)

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“We are very pro-active and supportive with regards to staff development. Thirty-three of our drivers are working towards their NVQ in Driving Goods Vehicles. The qualification relates directly to the day to day job of our driver employees. All training is done ‘on the job’ so there is very little disruption. The NVQ reinforces the existing knowledge of the workforce and has increased their motivation. The approach of the College has been both professional and very helpful.”

Pat Lings, Training Co-ordinator, Willi Betz UK Ltd

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"Having consulted with the Industry Forum we decided to use the Business Centre to deliver our Business Improvement Techniques project.  Our decision was based on a number of factors including the professional approach of the tutors and the high quality of the course delivery.  The Assessors have a good level of underpinning knowledge rather than just a certificate so they were able to adapt the course to meet the needs of our business.  I would have no hesitation in recommending the Business Centre to other companies that are considering a BIT project within their organisation."  - Paul Kirkland Bsc (Hons) Eng, Lean 6σ Manager, Bearward Engineering

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"I found the course extremely informative in each unit and I'm certain that this will allow me to carry out my work correctly and safely. My tutor has been helpful in ensuring that the contents of each unit covered was fully understood while making the course enjoyable, interesting and worthwhile. A whole-hearted thanks must go to my tutor and mentor. I am looking forward to the next stage of the course!" - Alan Kingston, Domestic Cleaner, Age Concern




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