The Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000 applies to all organisations that hold personal data on individuals including data which is held electronically or paper based filing systems.

The College adheres to these policies and when users of our website send us personal information, such as their email address the data the College receives and holds will be:

  • Fairly and lawfully processed, anybody providing personal data should not be misled as to the purpose to which the data is put.
  • Processed for limited purposes, the data should be obtained only for the specified purpose and we should state why the data is being processed.
  • Adequate, relevant and not excessive, this relates to the purposes for which it is intended to be used.  We should not be collecting additional information.
  • Accurate, data that is stored must be accurate and up to date. 
  • Data must be processed in accordance with a candidate’s rights.  The website user has a right to see any data the College has kept on them.  They are also able to enforce the correction of any inaccuracies, including the erasure of data.
  • Secure, website users are entitled to believe that their personal data will be held securely so that only those who are supposed to have access, obtain access.

Providing information

The information you provide will be passed on to the Learning and Skills Council (the LSC). The LSC is responsible for funding, planning and encouraging education and training for young people and adults in England and is registered under the Data Protection Act of 1998. The information you provide will be shared with other organisations for the purposes of administration, careers and other guidance, and statistical and research purposes. Other organisations with which we will share information include the Department for education and Skills, Connexions, Higher Education Statistics Agency, Higher Education Funding Council for England, educational institutions and organisations performing research and statistical work on behalf of the LSC or its partners. The LSC is also a co-financing organisation and uses European Social Funds from the European Union to directly or indirectly part-finance learning activities, helping develop employment by promoting employability, business spirit and equal opportunities, and investing in human resources. For further information about the LSC and what they do click here.

At no time will your personal information be passed to organisations for marketing or sales purposes. From time to time, students are approached to take part in surveys by mail and phone which are aimed at enabling the LSC and its partners to monitor performance, improve quality and plan future provision.

Monitoring use

We monitor and record, extensively, connections to and from college servers. We do this for security, statistical, and performance-measurement purposes, and in order to detect and prevent abuse. The monitoring data we collect includes browser type, domain names, traffic volumes, temporal data, IP information, and data posted from web-forms on our site.


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