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Awarding organisation

Awarding Body: WJEC

Qualifications on offer:

  • AS Level in Media Studies
  • A Level in Media Studies

Summary of course

Media Studies is designed to allow students to explore different forms of the media and to analyse and understand how they are set up and operate. You will study a range of media texts and topics as well as the construction and deconstruction of media products, in the context of the key conceptual areas of Media Forms and Conventions, Media Institutions, Media Audiences and Media representations.

Syllabus and assessment: The syllabus combines practical and theoretical study and you will have the option to produce a print, video or radio product in each year of the course. At the same time you will learn about the history of the various media, the commercial and industrial structure of production and circulation and the limitations placed on them by governments and society.

AS Unit 1: Investigating the Media This examined unit assesses knowledge and understanding of media language, representation, media industries and audiences.

Section A: Selling Images - Advertising and Marketing: You will be shown an unseen print and audio-visual resource and will be required to analyse as well as discuss at least two advertising campaigns, including both print and audio-visual advertisements and one charity or public information campaign. You will also need to discuss two music videos, including one produced before the year 2000 studied as part of the course.

Section B: News in the Online Age: One two-part question requiring reference to the news products studied as part of the course. We will be studying an online newspaper, a news based website and a social media site.

Section C: Film Industries – From Wales to Hollywood: As part of this section you will study two films in detail, one originating from Wales and the other which is a major Hollywood blockbuster.

AS Unit 2: Creating a Media Production You will be using industry standard software such as Photoshop and InDesign to create a DVD front and back cover and a film poster for a new genre film produced by either Working Title or Hammer Films, aimed at a mainstream audience aged 18-30. Initially, you will complete Research analysing existing DVD covers, whilst also evidencing your planning for your own product and then finally carrying out some reflective analysis on your completed production.

A2 Unit 3: Media in the Global Age This unit assesses knowledge and understanding of media language, representation, media industries and audiences. The exam consists of three sections:

Section A: Television in the Global Age: As part of the course you will be studying two television programmes in depth, one made is Wales and set by the exam board, and another non-English programme.

Section B: Magazines – Mainstream and Alternative Media: Within this section of the exam you will compare and contrast two magazines, one mainstream and widely circulated, and the other niche with a limited readership.

Section C: Media in the Digital Age – Video Games In this final section of the exam you will utilise your knowledge of two contrasting video games which will be studied in depth in class.

A2 Unit 4: Creating a Cross-Media Production Working either individually or in pairs you will create a sequence from a new BBC 3 or Channel 4 television programme in a genre of your choice aimed at an audience aged 18-25. In addition, you will create the cover and two pages for a Radio Times magazine which markets the new BBC 3 or Channel 4 television programme you have devised. As with your AS coursework you will also be evidencing your planning for your own product and then finally carrying out some reflective analysis on your final production.

What previous students have said about media studies A Level:

It's made me see television programmes in a whole new way Jodie I never realised there was so much to learn about the subject Matt The teachers make it good fun and I've become really good using the Apple Macs. In fact, I'd really like to go into magazine production as a career since doing this AS Emma I loved doing the radio drama. It was a really good laugh and the end product sounded brilliant. And I got an A for it! Jess

What will I study?

The units you will study are likely to include:

Specialist Units:

  • DVD and Poster Design
  • Video Production
  • Investigating the Media
  • Media in the Global Age

All units are subject to change and may be withdrawn.

For further information about the course and the units you will study, please read the awarding body specification by clicking on the link below:

Awarding Body specification.

How is the course assessed?

  • 30% coursework
  • 70% external examination (see above for more detail)

Your Study Programme

If you are aged 16-18, you will join a Study Programme. We will make sure you are working at the right level on your core qualification and are challenged to achieve the highest level of qualification you can. Work experience will be part of your study programme and complement your college study and prepare you for employment. You will also get involved in activities to help you develop life skills and to build your confidence so you can make progress in your career. Weekly timetables will include tutorial support which may comprise of full group activities or one to one sessions to discuss individual progress or support needs.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for you if you wish to gain a Level 3 qualification in media and:

  • you have an ambition to work in the media
  • you are interested in current affairs and the world around us, and regularly reads and watches news programmes and papers
  • you are willing and able to work in groups and accept the responsibility for what that entails
  • you are able to work independently to research and plan work
  • you have an interest in media technology.

Progression and Career Opportunities

After successful completion this course would support a wide range of progression opportunities including employment, University or study for a Professional Qualification. The knowledge, practical or research skills gained by studying this subject would support progression within the same field or an allied field of study.

Find about more career opportunities and expected starting salaries by clicking on the 'What Can I Earn?' section of our website.

Entry Requirements for new students

Level Standard Requirements
Entry and Foundation: GCSEs; mainly F/G (2-1) grades. Satisfactory school references*
Level 1: Four GCSEs at grade 2 (E) or above
Level 2: Four GCSEs at grade 3 (D) or above
Level 3 A Levels Five GCSEs at grade 9-4 (A*-C)
Additional Requirements: GCSE English at grade 6 (B)

*All applicants will be invited in for interview.

Equivalent qualifications will be considered except where English has been studied as a second language and is required at GCSE grade 9-4 (A*-C).

Interview Requirements

You must bring your interview letter to your appointment and arrive 15 minutes before your interview is due to take place.

General Info (materials required for the course)

For further information please call us on 0800 123 2344.

Course fee information

All Students will need to enter or register for their course qualification either by examination entry or Board Registration. The course tutor will advise you how to enter or register for your qualification and of the College deadline. All late entries are subject to a late entry fee.

The following fees will be payable in full:

16-18 year olds

  • All re-sits except first re-sit of GCSE Mathematics and English
  • Unauthorised absences from any examination entered
  • Any examination/registration unsupported by your subject tutor
  • Late examination/registration entries
  • Trip/materials/equipment/uniform fees

19 years or over

  • Level 1 course: Examination/registration fees^1
  • Level 2 course: Examination/registration fees^1
  • Second Full Level 3 course: You may be eligible to apply for an Advanced Learner Loan to help you pay for the course fees^2
  • Level 4 course: Loans may be available^2
  • All Levels: Trip/materials/equipment/uniform fees

Overseas Students

  • £6,750 tuition fees in Year 1 of a 2-year course
  • £6,750 tuition fees in Year 2 of a 2-year course
  • £350 non-refundable Examination/registration fee in Year 1
  • Trip/materials/equipment/uniform fees

^1 Fee remission may be available if you are in receipt of a state benefit. ^2 Contact the Enrolment Centre for more information on 0300 123 2344.


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Josh Webb

The pace of change in the world of media means it is one of the most exciting industries to work in, taking advantage of new technology to present information and...

We are planning to offer this programme from September 2018. The full details for the 18/19 academic year will be available on the College website from the beginning of July 2018. In the meantime, if you would like to speak to a tutor about the course please call us or complete our easy online enquiry form.


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