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Course TitleDayTimeStartEndEnrolment CodeLocation
Learn to Build a WebsiteTuesday19:00 - 21:0010-Feb-1531-Mar-15QFCMEDWEB /1902 BL
Learn to Build a WebsiteTuesday19:00 - 21:0010-Feb-1531-Mar-15QFCMEDWEB /1902BL
Learn to SingWednesday19:00 - 21:0014-Jan-1523-Mar-15QFCSING /1903 BL
Learn to SingWednesday19:00 - 21:0014-Jan-1523-Mar-15QFCSING /1903BL

If you missed the start date for any of these courses, please contact us on 0845 300 4401 or email to find out about future dates.

success stories

Success Stories

Scott James

Scott James

Scott wanted to study a subject at college that would enable him to get a career and be creative at the same time. “At school I was always good at art and other creative subjects and photography had always been of interest to me so the BTEC seemed like a good option. The course allowed me to really express myself and develop my photography skills in areas which were of particular interest. We learnt all sorts from traditional darkroom practices and studio techniques to modern digital photography and use of software packages - I loved it all. I struggled with using Photoshop to begin with though as I had not had that much experience with computers before college but the lecturers were great and gave me all the support I needed. I am really competent on it now and that will help me at university.” As Scott progressed through the course he was able to explore the areas of photography he wanted to specialise in. “The lecturers really help you and guide you. It’s all about progression and they continually asked us to think about where we wanted to go in the future. My final major project I based on fashion photography which meant I could go on location and get quite creative with my shots. It was then that I realised I wanted to specialise in advertising as a career – basically anything where I might be able to be a bit inventive. I know that when I start my degree I will be fully equipped purely because of the variation on the course at Northampton College and for that reason I would definitely recommend it to others.” Scott is now studying at BA Hons in Photography at University Campus Suffolk.


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