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Bloodhound Supersonic Car to visit College

The 1000mph Bloodhound Supersonic Car will be coming to Northampton College as part of an innovative new programme to inspire the County’s budding Mathematicians, Scientists and Engineers and strengthen Northamptonshire’s workforce.

The 1000mph Bloodhound Supersonic Car will be coming to Northampton College as part of an innovative new programme to inspire the County’s budding Mathematicians, Scientists and Engineers and strengthen Northamptonshire’s workforce.

Bloodhound SSC, designed and built in Britain, is powered by a Rolls Royce Eurofighter jet engine and hybrid rocket, and has a control system developed by local high technology company, Cosworth. The car is designed to travel at speeds of up to Mach 1.4 or 1,050 mph – faster than a bullet - and will attempt to break the world land speed record on the Hakskeen Pan, South Africa in 2013.

A life-size replica of the Bloodhound car along with its V8 Cosworth F1 engine, which drives the rocket fuel pump, will be based in Northampton College’s brand new engineering studios at Booth Lane from 21-23 February 2012.

College students, school pupils, members of the public, businesses and special guests will have opportunity to see the car, find out about how it works and enjoy a virtual high-speed driving experience in a series of interactive events and activities over the three days. The College will also showcase its engineering provision alongside several industry partners including Cosworth.

The exhibition marks the launch of a new County-wide initiative spearheaded by Northamptonshire County Council and supported by Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership, set up to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (known as the ‘STEM’ subjects) to young people in Northamptonshire. This work is set to support existing business clusters in Motorsport and High Performance Technologies within Northamptonshire, ensuring that the skills needed in these industries are secured for the future. Over the summer term, the Bloodhound team will be visiting schools across the County to give students first-hand practical demonstrations and exercises.

Len Closs, Principal, Northampton College said, ‘As a global education initiative, the Bloodhound SSC project helps us fulfil the College’s ambition to convey the excitement of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects and the stunning careers to which they can lead.

‘Our new state-of-the-art engineering studios at Booth Lane offer the perfect space to showcase the extraordinary Bloodhound exhibition and stage various activities for people to experience during the event. We are also delighted to welcome key partner organisations including Northampton-based Cosworth whose incredible engine will be on display during the event. The entire event will undoubtedly prove highly inspirational and we look forward to welcoming people from across the County to come and see what it’s all about.’

Northamptonshire County Council Leader, Jim Harker, said, ‘Educationally, the Bloodhound project is a fantastic opportunity for schools and the County’s learners to broaden hands-on science and technology learning and challenge the curriculum.

‘We’ve arranged for the Bloodhound team to work with our schools as a way of engaging students with science, technology and mathematics in a realistic context and so encourage them to consider studying a related course and pursuing a career in those fields.

‘By showcasing how science and maths can be applied to such a real-life exciting scenario, we hope to enthuse students at an early enough stage to inspire them to become the next generation of young scientists, engineers, technicians and mathematicians.

‘I’m particularly pleased with the involvement of Cosworth because we know that local business has a key role to play in producing a qualified and skilled workforce by engaging with schools and offering meaningful learning opportunities.

‘Alongside the creation of two University Technical Colleges for the County, the Bloodhound project is a tangible example of how the council is working with partners to address the current and future skills needs of the County. Our drive to boost economic growth and prosperity throughout Northamptonshire influences so much of our work and is so vital in creating a strong, vibrant and economically successful Northamptonshire which is an excellent place to live and work.’

Richard Noble, Bloodhound SSC Project Director said, ‘This event kicks off the first of its kind, a month long Bloodhound engagement programme with 100 schools and colleges across Northamptonshire. Students will learn about the science, technology, engineering and mathematical challenges behind designing, building and racing a 1,000 mph car.’

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