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Please note - you should only complete this form and submit it to us if you are going to be paying the course fee and any other related fees in full by credit or debit card. We shall then call you within 5 working days to confirm the booking and take your card details.
If you are claiming any discount please come in to the college with your original benefit letter.
If you wish to discuss fees or discounts please call us directly on 0845 300 4401.
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Northampton College has a policy to promote Equal Opportunities in all its work.
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Additional Learning Support
In order to assist your learning, Northampton College will attempt to make all reasonable adjustments for learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

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     Level Examples
5 GCSE's (including O Levels), Grades at D-G (or fewer than 5 grades at A-C), CSE below Grade 1, GNVQ Foundation, NVQ1
5 GCSE's (O Levels)at Grades A-C, 1 GNVQ Intermediate, First Diploma, 1 A Level, 2/3 AS Levels, NVQ2
2 or more A Levels, 4 or more AS Levels, AVCE, Access to Higher Education, National Certificate/Diploma, ESOL, NVQ3
Teaching Qualification, HNC, HND, Advanced Diploma, First Degree, NVQ4
Higher Degree, NVQ5, High Level Professional Qualification
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Northampton College is an inclusive College and we are keen for all students to be well cared for. We therefore ask all learners to declare if they have any unspent criminal convictions. If you answer yes, you will be asked to provide further details. This does not automatically affect your admission but allows the College to undertake a risk assessment and provide support as appropriate.

Do you have any unspent criminal convictions?

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We may contact the above person to enable us to complete a risk assessment

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