hnd case study croppedA ‘one-to-one’ approach to learning and a thorough approach to the art of storytelling has given a Northampton College student his very own story to tell.

Lewis Levi graduated from the HND course in Digital Film Production and is now set to see his work appear on national television, with documentaries filmed by his own company, The Rest, scheduled to be shown on terrestrial channels.

He said: “Working on the documentaries was fantastic and it will be really exciting to see our work shown to a national audience. The experience I gained from the college course has really helped progress my career and I couldn’t recommend it enough, it allows you to find your own voice as a film maker and it gives you a real understanding of storytelling, how stories are constructed and how to break them down.



When Cristin Cotetchi arrived in the UK from his homeland of Moldova he was only able to say his name. But after embracing college life and developing a love of literature in The Reading Agency's nationwide Six Book Challenge he was given a special mention by the Mayor of Northampton for his endeavours. He said: "I have learnt so much on the ESOL course at Northampton College and even managed to complete the Six Book Challenge competition which I feel great about. I read because I know it is what will help me learn more English. It is great to have won an award from the Mayor for my progress."


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