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We are very keen to hear the views of our students so that we can offer the very best learning experience. Students are involved in the way the College works in a number of ways. Student representatives are elected for every course and these representatives collect feedback from their peers on what the College could do to improve the student experience. This could include anything from the type of food on offer in the dinning areas to what you’re studying on your course! Any feedback is always passed on to college managers who respond to all new ideas. Student representatives also get involved in mystery shopping activities, events outside the College and in plenty of social activities.

There is an annual student conference where senior managers and a senior member of staff meet students and talk about how aspects of college life could be improved.

You said, we did

"Where can we find out about Enrichment?" – Students can access the list of Enrichment activities through Moodle, and make suggestions for future activities.

"We should be able to get a hot drink with our lunch vouchers" – You can now get a hot drink with your lunch voucher in our dinning areas.

Students asked for part time jobs to be advertised in college. – We have installed a jobs board at each college site which is updated weekly.

We asked "tablets or laptops?" – Students asked for laptops, and ICT will purchase new laptops instead of tablets.

Real student stories that inspired us from our International Women's Day Campaign

  • iwd amelia hicks
  • iwd holly sambridge
  • iwd liz lothian
  • iwd megan gilbride
  • iwd melissa mehrtens
  • iwd naje thompson
  • iwd onni rani

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student success

Charlie Batchelor

Charlie Batchelor

Charlie Batchelor got three As in Maths, Chemistry and Physics and said: "I am so pleased with my results as it means I have got into my chosen University and...



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