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Innovative dish will spark the senses at charity dinner

5 Sep 2019

Innovative dish will spark the senses at charity dinner

Aspiring chefs at Northampton College have been challenged to come up with a dish that awakens the senses as part...

High grades on the up at Northampton College as students celebrate GCSE success

22 Aug 2019

The number of Northampton College students achieving high grades at GCSE is on the up – with a focus on...

adam fitch hnd student pic on location 2Adam Fitch studied digital film making (HND) at Northampton College and now owns and run his own film making company in Northamptonshire.

The 28-year-old, whose main focus in music videos, credits the College with his choice of career, which now takes him all across the world.

“When I signed up for digital film making I never thought I would actually choose it as a career,” said Adam, whose company is called Incline Creative Media. “My intention was to do the course, enjoy it and then do a top up year at university to become a primary school teacher.

“Within the first few months though I had a dramatic u turn. I loved everything about film making, rented College equipment at weekends, made contacts in the film world and bought all my own gear so I could take on an increasing amount of freelance work.”

So successful was Adam that even during his two year HND course, which he started aged 23, he was commissioned to work on projects in California and all across the UK.

“Before joining Northampton College I was doing all kinds of manual work but nothing that excited me,” said Adam. “I couldn’t get a job I really wanted and knew I needed qualifications to make a real change. After my HND I did a top up year at The University of Northampton to get a degree, something I wanted to have as a back-up.”

Adam set up Incline Creative Media a year ago. His most recent project has been shooting a short documentary in America about a transgender man preparing for surgery.

Adam said: “I hope this will be aired in the UK so watch this space. Film making is so rewarding. The money is great, the freedom is amazing and I get to travel all over the world. What more could I want?”

12. create your own music track in our studiosGet ready for Skills Fest - an amazing free event designed to showcase a range of exciting careers.

Drop in for advice and guidance!

Saturday, 11 March 2017, 10am - 1pm.

  • Take part in up to two 45 minute masterclasses at 10.45am and 12pm from a choice of more than 20 specialist sessions at Booth Lane or try out a programme of activities in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy at Lower Mounts (see below for a full list of the masterclasses that will be available on the day.)
  • Talk to staff for general advice and guidance (anytime between 10am and 1pm) on all course areas including Apprenticeships, the A Level Academy and Higher Education - you can access advice even if you would rather not sign up for a masterclass this time
  • Enjoy a free hot dog or pizza slice in our fabulous student refectory

To book your place please click on one of the links below. Numbers for each masterclass are restricted to 20 so parents will also need to book.

Booth Lane

  1. Bring your cupcakes to life with chocolate emojis
  2. Sing songs from the shows with our musical theatre workshop
  3. Learn the art of printing using traditional print press techniques
  4. Show off your presenting skills in a live radio show broadcast
  5. Use digital effects to bring the Tardis to Northampton College
  6. Create your own music track in our studios
  7. Drumming workshop
  8. Put yourself to the test with our climbing wall
  9. Fitness test
  10. Try some fun and games to find out what children learn when they play
  11. Grab your scrubs and prepare for surgery (operation not included!)
  12. Get some investment for your big idea in our Dragons’ Den
  13. Use real scientific theories to predict a volcanic eruption
  14. Touch up your car with our spray effects masterclass
  15. Keep your car on the road with our vehicle servicing and performance checks
  16. Wire up a domestic lighting circuit in our interactive electrical workshop
  17. Create the perfect weld joint with our virtual welding simulator
  18. Use your engineering skills to make a keyring with our 3D printer
  19. Photo editing for beginners
  20. Have fun with the English language in our catchphrase challenge
  21. Mean Maths – hard core challenges for Maths enthusiasts
  22. 'Donald Trump’s America’ – sample our History, Psychology and Sociology A Levels in a series of interactive workshops
  23. Cook-up a storm and try out your fiery flambé skills
  24. Introduction to darkroom photography
  25. Insight into accounting - making your business add up

 Lower Mounts

  1. Learn the latest braid and plait styles in our hairdressing workshop
  2. Perform the perfect manicure with soothing hand and arm massage


English GCSE

Week commencing 21/03/16 (week 35)
  • Assessment to start at 9.30/1.30
  • Length 2 1/4 hours
  • Minimum stay 1 hr (cannot leave (within last 15 mins)
English Functional Skills

Reading paper week commencing 11/01/16 (week 25)
  • Assessment to start at 9.30/1.30
  • Length 1 hour reading paper
Writing paper week commencing 29/02/16 (week 32)
  • Assessment to start at 9.30/1.30
  • Length 1 hour writing paper
Maths GCSE

Week commencing 14/03/2015 (non calculator) and 21/03/2015 (calculator)
  • Assessment to start at 9.30/1.30
  • Length 1 1/2 hours
  • Minimum stay 1 hr (cannot leave within last 15 mins)
Maths Functional Skills

Week commencing 18/01/15 and 14/03/15
  • Assessment to start at 9.30/1.30
  • Length 1 1/2 hours
  • Minimum stay 1 hr (cannot leave within last 15 mins)
syed zaidEngineering student Syed was delighted to pick up his GCSE results and find that he had achieved a grade B for English. This was his third attempt as he had taken the exam twice before and achieved a D grade previously.

Syed is studying for a Level 3 qualification in Electronics but he needed to improve his English and get a better grade so he can go on to university.

He said: “I’m delighted to have improved my grade by two marks since I last took the exam. Since coming to college, I have got on better because the teaching style is different and I have found the atmosphere open and friendly so learning is fun. My teacher also helped by running extra sessions in the library during half term so I felt very well prepared.”

Syed has set his sights on gaining a degree at The University of Bristol and will then consider a range of engineering opportunities.

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Eli Sodipe

Eli Sodipe

A chance to get up close and personal with the 1000mph Bloodhound supersonic car gave motor vehicle engineering student Eli the inspiration to work in a garage and pursue a...



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