The Northampton College Day Nursery welcomes children, starting at two years old, up to the age of four years.

During term time, we provide childcare for college staff and students, as well as children from the local community.

Ofsted think we are 'Good' in all inspection areas

We recognise that every child is unique, inquisitive, resourceful, energetic, open minded, creative, imaginative and extraordinary.

This is reflected by the fact that we are Ofsted approved and received a 'Good’ rating in all areas of our inspection. Most recently, Ofsted commented that at our Nursery, ‘Children develop secure foundations in their learning and development in readiness for school’.

You can view the full Ofsted report for the nursery here. 

Our curriculum

Our day nursery is a secure and safe place to play, explore, learn and develop. We excite curiosity and enthusiasm to thrive, and encourage each child to make good choices and build upon positive relationships.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework set by the Department of Education (DFE). Our curriculum provides activities and play which strengthen and expand children’s learning and development.

The four principle guides for this are:

  1. A unique child - Children are all different but are treated equally. We build on making good choices, positive relationships and good communication. Children learn about taking risks and safety by sticking to boundaries. This is achieved by meeting their physical and emotional needs.
  1. Positive Relationships - Children learn to manage their feelings and build relationships. Each child has a key person to build a close relationship with to enhance their learning to be strong and independent. The key person will liaise with the family to communicate and keep parents in touch with their child’s progress.
  1. Enabling Environments - We offer exciting and engaging indoor and outdoor environments for children to develop and learn in, including a large enclosed garden and a mud kitchen, and take children on Zoolab visits throughout the year. Staff respond to the individual needs of the child, supporting them to work together, in partnership with parents.
  2. Learning and Development - Children learn through play and exploration with support. We encourage children to be imaginative and active, learning to make decisions being creative and critical thinking with staff input when required.

Key development areas

There are seven areas of development we work towards within the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework:

  • Personal, social and emotional development; building confidence, concentration, independence and respect.
  • Communication and language; developing speaking and listening skills.
  • Physical development; developing fine motor and gross motor skills, strength and
  • Literacy; enjoying rhymes and poems. Looking at books understanding print has meaning, early writing.
  • Mathematics; counting, recognising shapes, explore 2D and 3D.
  • Understanding the world; helping children investigate and think about their place in the world.
  • Expressive Arts & Design; encouraging imagination, exploring different materials and media.

Nursery opening times

The nursery is open during the following hours, term time only:

Monday – Thursday: 8.30am - 5pm

Friday: 8.30am - 4pm

Nursery fees and funding

Nursery fees are £5.00 per hour.

For eligible children aged two, three and four years old, we offer 15 hours free funding. There is also funding available for students through our Student Services team – please call 01604 734244 to find out more about this.

For more information about the Nursery, please contact us by telephone 01604 734259, or 07595206622.

You can Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.