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Medical practitioners


Medical practitioners diagnose mental and physical injuries, disorders and diseases, prescribe and give treatment, recommend preventative action, and conduct medical education and research activities. They may specialise in particular areas of modern medicine or work in general practice and, where necessary, refer the patient to a specialist.


  • Examines patient, arranges for any necessary x-rays or other tests and interprets results
  • Diagnoses condition and prescribes and/or administers appropriate treatment/surgery
  • Administers medical tests and inoculations against communicable diseases
  • Supervises patient’s progress and advises on diet, exercise and other preventative action
  • Refers patient to specialist where necessary and liaises with specialist
  • Prepares and delivers lectures, undertakes research, and conducts and participates in clinical trials
  • Supervises the implementation of care and treatment plans by other healthcare providers.

Entry Requirements

Entrants require a university degree from a medical school recognised by the General Medical Council followed by a year of pre-registration training as a house officer. Some medical schools operate graduate entry schemes. Once the pre-registration period as house officer is completed, doctors undertake up to two years postgraduate training in a chosen speciality.


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