arina golovina v2"I left Russia when I was 16, in the middle of a course. I wasn’t enjoying my studies and I wasn’t motivated. I wanted to go to university but needed the qualifications to enable me to do so. My parents researched Northampton College and I decided to make the move.

"I didn’t speak English so I needed to study maths and English as well as my chosen business course. I worked hard and began to love learning again. The atmosphere was so different compared to learning in Russia. I enjoyed being able to share my views and opinions, I loved the freedom and responsibility.

"I was supported to make new friends and I achieved my goals gaining a triple distinction star in my business exams. I’m now studying management with marketing at Royal Holloway University of London."

lewis waterfield case study"I’m a practical learner and I was really impressed with the science facilities at Northampton College and found the idea of learning in a lab exciting. The hands-on learning was what I had been looking for.

"The tutors are so supportive and can’t do enough for you. I loved the variety of the lessons. It gave me confidence to know that I was learning things that could be used in a future work environment.

"After completing my course I went on to work in a food lab for just under a year before I began a degree in biology at the University of Northampton. I even came back as an assistant lecturer at Northampton College for a while and I now work as a Public Health lecturer at Northampton University as well as studying for a degree in microbiology research.

"Northampton College has helped to get me to where I am today. It prepared me so well for university study as well as for work in the industry."

matt green“I'd been working in a restaurant for 3 or 4 years by the time I decided to go to college, and I chose Northampton College because it had a good reputation for cooking compared to other local colleges. My time at the college was great. I got to use new equipment and learn a lot of new skills, whilst making some great friends in the process.

“Studying at the college gave me a great foundation on which to build my career. The tutors were fantastic and I'll always be grateful for the things I learned with them. Restaurants and hotels provide experience that can't be easily replicated but they aren't always the most professional work environments. In that sense the College really set the standard for professionalism and work ethic. It also opens your eyes to the myriad possibilities within the food industry. As a result I've worked at some of the best restaurants in the world in a variety of job roles.

“I now own my own business called Explore Chocolate. We source cocoa beans from around the world and turn them into chocolate bars and confections, whilst teaching courses for everyone from four-year-old children to industry professionals.

“I'd recommend Northampton College to anyone who is serious about working in the food industry. Having recently been in the kitchens there for a charity event, the place has been completely rebuilt since I studied and they have a spectacular set up. Two of the most influential tutors on my success are still there in management roles and continue to set a high standard for the students. I'm looking forward to collaborating with the College further in the future.”

elanur hudutcu"Caring for and helping people really interests me. Coming to Northampton College has helped me on the road to ultimately becoming a clinical psychologist.

"It was refreshing to discover that the course is very different to being taught at school. I particularly like the style of teaching, you’re given the opportunity to answer your own questions, work as a group and benefit from presentations.

"The units are really interesting and are taught by motivating teachers, which has inspired me to do well at the same time as helping me to retain the information. I now apply what I have learnt to everyday situations with family and friends. The course has given my confidence a boost and helped me to understand different aspects of my work placement at a mental health care home for the elderly. The course has provided me with a pathway to success."

jada addo"My Acting course at college has proven to be the perfect preparation for what life is really like in my industry. The teachers had been there, seen it and done it themselves and that experience was invaluable. That extra bit of insight meant that when I went for auditions I was already ahead of others because I knew what to expect. They went above and beyond to help us and created a brilliant atmosphere amongst the class.

"I was able to feature in our production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream which was a fantastic experience for everyone involved. I’d recommend Northampton College to anyone as it’s such a good way of learning your trade and honing your skills while learning from the very best."


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