robert lewinton case study v2"I left school after my GCSEs and always knew that Northampton College would be my first choice. I began a Foundation course and went on to join the Level 1 Vehicle Maintenance and Repair on the bodywork side of things in the workshop.

"I enjoyed the hands-on learning and found being at college more engaging than learning at school. The teachers have respect for you, there’s no talking down to people – you all get along.

"I’ve really enjoyed being able to put what we’ve learnt into practice and being trusted to carry out work on customer’s cars. This hands-on learning has been great and provides the skills and confidence you need to go on to work in the industry.

"I currently work for Halfords and would love to get an apprenticeship and eventually a full-time job in the industry."

lewis waterfield case study"I’m a practical learner and I was really impressed with the science facilities at Northampton College and found the idea of learning in a lab exciting. The hands-on learning was what I had been looking for.

"The tutors are so supportive and can’t do enough for you. I loved the variety of the lessons. It gave me confidence to know that I was learning things that could be used in a future work environment.

"After completing my course I went on to work in a food lab for just under a year before I began a degree in biology at the University of Northampton. I even came back as an assistant lecturer at Northampton College for a while and I now work as a Public Health lecturer at Northampton University as well as studying for a degree in microbiology research.

"Northampton College has helped to get me to where I am today. It prepared me so well for university study as well as for work in the industry."

jessica tuck"Coming to college rather than staying on at school to do my A Levels gave me the chance to be creative and learn something different. I did a Level 3 course in Games Design and it was a really welcoming class – I loved the group dynamic and it really brought out the best in me.

"The teachers all had experience within what is quite a niche industry and that was a huge help. They knew what they were talking about because they had done it themselves. Rather than trying to learn about a wide range of different subjects we were able to focus on one thing and that really helped me.

"I’m now building on experience at college and working on my art and animation skills before looking for an Apprenticeship."

jada addo"My Acting course at college has proven to be the perfect preparation for what life is really like in my industry. The teachers had been there, seen it and done it themselves and that experience was invaluable. That extra bit of insight meant that when I went for auditions I was already ahead of others because I knew what to expect. They went above and beyond to help us and created a brilliant atmosphere amongst the class.

"I was able to feature in our production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream which was a fantastic experience for everyone involved. I’d recommend Northampton College to anyone as it’s such a good way of learning your trade and honing your skills while learning from the very best."

sophie carter art and design"Initially I was quite sceptical about college courses because I was so set on going to University but I knew I needed a Foundation course to get into uni and it was a great way of learning and developing my skills. I’ve had an amazing time and the teachers have been superb, just letting us explore, experiment and ‘go for it’.

"Painting was always my main passion but at college I’ve discovered model making and that’s something I’ve really developed. I’ve created a series of clay and wire marionettes, little puppets depicting imaginary characters. It was a way of taking my portraiture work and turning into a 3D medium. College has made me look at art in a different way and now I’m thrilled to have accepted a place at Goldsmiths in London."


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