adrianna dennis case study"I moved to the UK from Swaziland in Africa in 2017 and heard about Northampton College from family friends. I began a Foundation course studying maths, English and vocational studies which allowed me to move on to study sport.

"I was a bit nervous starting college as it was very different from what I was used to. I had to learn how to approach people and make friends but I was given so much support from the college staff.

"The college has so many facilities such as the library which caters for all the books you need for your course so you don’t have buy any.

"In 2019 I was given a student award for personal achievement and excellence. I hope to continue my learning journey either with an apprenticeship or continuing at university. I’ve enjoyed my time at Northampton College, which will definitely help me on my journey to become a sports physiotherapist"

robert lewinton case study v2"I left school after my GCSEs and always knew that Northampton College would be my first choice. I began a Foundation course and went on to join the Level 1 Vehicle Maintenance and Repair on the bodywork side of things in the workshop.

"I enjoyed the hands-on learning and found being at college more engaging than learning at school. The teachers have respect for you, there’s no talking down to people – you all get along.

"I’ve really enjoyed being able to put what we’ve learnt into practice and being trusted to carry out work on customer’s cars. This hands-on learning has been great and provides the skills and confidence you need to go on to work in the industry.

"I currently work for Halfords and would love to get an apprenticeship and eventually a full-time job in the industry."

jake dunlop"After my GCSEs I wasn’t sure what career path I wanted to follow so I completed a year of sixth form but it didn’t really suit me. I needed an alternative route to get into university and knew that I wanted to do something scientific so I approached a member of staff at Northampton College who suggested Level 3 Applied Science as it covers a good mix of all three sciences.

"At school you are steered towards A Levels and are never told that there are other ways to qualify for university. I was pleased to know that I could still go to university and quickly adapted to the course and loved the practical side to it, which was focussed on what I wanted to know and prepared me well for the workload at university.

"I went on to study a degree in microbiology at Nottingham Trent University and thanks to my time at Northampton College and all the time I had spent hands-on in the lab I discovered that I had a head start over some of the other students who had studied A levels.

"I’m now studying a Master’s degree in research microbiology at the University of Nottingham and have my sights set on a PHD in a related field."

danny tompkins case study"Northampton College taught me the essentials which have stayed with me throughout my career. It gave me an understanding of the techniques and methods you need to be able to enjoy a career in catering, and also the confidence to try new things, discover new flavour combinations and put my own style on my dishes.

"I’ve had the opportunity to cook for the likes of Jay-Z and run the kitchen in an award-winning local restaurant and am now working for Earl Spencer at Althorp. In 2019 I was named ‘Chef of the Year’ in the Northamptonshire Food and Drink Awards. None of this would have been possible without the support and guidance I had from the team at Northampton College in the early days.

"A career in catering is hard work. It’s long hours and a lot of blood, sweat and tears but it’s totally worth it. Coming to college instilled in me a strong work ethic and the drive and determination which has stayed with me ever since. It’s the perfect place for any young chef to start their story."

vince reboul"It was the mixture of business and IT that attracted me to Northampton College when I left secondary school. I saw the course on the website and was attracted to the combined aspect of the course as well as the fantastic facilities.

"The networking module was great. It was amazing to be able to plan and design networks and then physically build and put them together in the lab. This really helped to provide in-depth learning of the specific modules. You are also given the responsibility to make your own choices.

"On completion of the course I was successful in gaining a Morrisons degree apprenticeship. I now work full time at a logistics depot in Burton Latimer and attend Bradford University every six weeks for block teaching. At the end of the three years I will qualify as a shift manager."


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