maia reid"Some of my friends were already on the course and I was inspired to join them after watching their cabaret show. I left school after my GCSEs and it was great to know what direction I was heading in. I gathered some information about the course and never looked back. I can honestly say I adored it and learnt so much about the industry and ultimately what universities look for.

"I now attend Laine Theatre Arts and believe I wouldn’t be here without the support of my tutors – I couldn’t be more grateful for their faith in me."

victoria oguntoye"I’ve always been interested in engineering and in 2018 I left Nigeria to move to Northampton. I’d heard about Northampton College and chose to join a Level 3 Engineering course. I looked at my options and this was the decision which best suited me. I enjoyed everything about the course and particularly enjoyed the practical side. I learnt a lot from the course and the tutors were always nice to me.

"I’ve always been fascinated with buildings and structures and whilst at the College I was given the opportunity to do some work experience with the Kier Group, who were building a new prison in Wellingborough. This was a great opportunity to put what I had learnt into practice. If you’re prepared to work hard the course is very rewarding. I will continue to study civil engineering with project management at uiniversity."

mehreen khan"I joined Northampton College after completing a year of AS Levels at school. I never really settled into the sixth form environment. Everything I was studying was all science and maths-based and really stressful so I decided to do something different. My parents suggested Northampton College so I attended an open day and it was the best thing I ever did.

"I settled on Level 3 Applied Science and immediately noticed a difference – I loved the freedom and the fact I was treated like an adult. I’m now enjoying university, studying biomedical science at Keele University.

"I would absolutely recommend Northampton College to anyone in the same situation as I was or those who have left school wondering what to do next. There are a variety of courses and the facilities and support from staff is amazing."

elanur hudutcu"Caring for and helping people really interests me. Coming to Northampton College has helped me on the road to ultimately becoming a clinical psychologist.

"It was refreshing to discover that the course is very different to being taught at school. I particularly like the style of teaching, you’re given the opportunity to answer your own questions, work as a group and benefit from presentations.

"The units are really interesting and are taught by motivating teachers, which has inspired me to do well at the same time as helping me to retain the information. I now apply what I have learnt to everyday situations with family and friends. The course has given my confidence a boost and helped me to understand different aspects of my work placement at a mental health care home for the elderly. The course has provided me with a pathway to success."

ben muddiman"I joined Northampton College straight from school. I was a bit bored of sitting in a classroom and found it very repetitive. I was looking for a new challenge and thought that the multi-skills course was a good way to find out what trade I would like to go into.

"I enjoyed it, especially the new ACE centre with amazing facilities. The teachers were great. It made such a massive difference to just sitting in the classroom and being told to learn. You are treated more like an adult, given more responsibility and more of a challenge.

"I soon discovered that plumbing was my favourite discipline and the tutors were great at providing extra work so I could continue learning even though all my assignments were complete. I’m now continuing at the College studying Level 2 Plumbing and I’d recommend the multi-skills course to anyone unsure about which route to take as you learn about all the trades - carpentry, electrics, plumbing, brickwork and painting and decorating. It’s a great mixture and not only helped me to decide which course to focus on but has also taught me valuable life skills. When you know what you want to do it’s a massive weight off your mind."


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