jack shepherd"I love hairdressing as I get to work in a really creative environment and I enjoy working with clients. I struggled at school but Northampton College has been really supportive and helped me to build my confidence back up and gain experience in the workplace. My assessors on the hairdressing course were brilliant and allowed me to build a rapport with clients and get over my anxiety. They really put me at ease and were so supportive.

Working in the salon at Rocco & Co throughout my Apprenticeship has been amazing and I’m now back at college to do my barbering, adding another string to my bow. It’s a good skill to have for the future.
I’ve loved my time at college learning from such a diverse group of not just staff but also other students as well. Being with such a wide mix of people opens your eyes to different ways of doing things and you take on board methods and techniques you might not have been aware of previously. It’s been a brilliant experience."

josie case study"Having a career in food was always something that I wanted to do. My Level 3 Catering Course at Northampton College was amazing, it was an awesome experience. I enjoyed it so much and learnt so many skills I would do it all again without a doubt.

"To get my foot in the door, I worked at The Plough in Shutlanger as a pot washer and said I wanted to be a chef one day. That led me to doing my college course. The team were great and encouraged me to put everything I was learning into practice. I now work there full-time as a chef.

"During my third year at college I was named Chef of the Year and given the opportunity to work at Raymond Blanc’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons for a month. It was a great experience. Studying at Northampton College has opened up a lot of opportunities for me and I’m now working on launching my own cake company."

simran jawanda"I wanted more independence, so when I left school after my GCSEs, I initially began a Level 3 IT course, but after a while I realised it wasn’t the course for me. My teachers were very supportive and helped me decide on Level 3 Business which I started after passing the first year of IT.

"I went on to study a degree in accounting and finance at the University of Leicester and then completed a master’s degree in finance and can honestly say my time at Northampton College gave me a head start. It gave me a foundation and gave me an advantage over my peers who, unlike me, had no knowledge of law and accounting – subjects I had covered on my course.

"The teachers on my course are some of the best I’ve had – they are genuinely keen to help you to understand fully what they are teaching you. They are committed to helping you succeed at the same time as giving you a push to be independent. Others I know who went onto Sixth Form did not get this level of support.

"I now work as a junior finance partner at the Northampton base of Mitie, an intelligence-led security business, managing the costs of the whole division and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Northampton College to anyone passionate about their future."

case study photo hannah b v2"Joining the Cadets at 14 ignited a desire in me to have a career in public services. I left school at 16 and researched the best way to achieve a career in the police force. I came across the Level 3 Public Services course at Northampton College and decided to enrol.. The physical side was great and I particularly enjoyed running, keep fit and the assault courses as well as the lessons themselves.

"Because I left school without A Levels I had to get enough UCAS points to be able to go on to study a BA Honours in Policing at The University of Northampton and thanks to the fantastic set up at Northampton College, I blew it out of the water.

"I’m now a Police Constable with Northamptonshire Police. I would advise anyone out there wanting to pursue a career in public services to go for it. You will achieve so much from the course, communication skills, team building and life skills which you can apply to any job. For me, the journey won’t stop here."

abigail asante"I was introduced to the course by a friend, when I returned to the UK from Italy. I knew it was something that I wanted to do. Initially I found it quite challenging, but the fact that the teachers were approachable and always there to help, encouraged me to keep pushing forwards and succeed. They believed in me and made the course enjoyable.

I’m now at Coventry University studying marketing and definitely think my time at Northampton College has helped me on this path. I still refer to the modules I learnt back in college and hope to one day work in project management."


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