alexandra constantinouAmbitious Alexandra Constantinou is aiming for big things having embarked on an apprenticeship with engineering giant Siemens.

Setting her sights on a role at the top of the industry, she said: “I would love to be the CEO of a company like Siemens one day. I want to be the best in my field and inspire other female engineers to do the same.”

Her engineering apprenticeship has seen Alexandra take on electrical jobs, mechanical jobs, fault finding, repair work and preventative maintenance.

She said: “I chose to do an Apprenticeship because I wanted to get some experience in the industry before spending so much money on University fees. Every day at work is different. I really enjoy all aspects of my role and I feel that I am constantly learning while earning a wage at the same time.

“It has inspired me to learn more about the design side of engineering and what makes the trains work more effectively, for instance how the shape of the train can help increase its speed. I like to discover how things work and how to fix them.

“I have recommended an Apprenticeship with Northampton College to my friends because the tutors have been very helpful and supportive. They offer you help at the most difficult stages and always encourage you rather than making you feel bad if you can’t do something.”


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