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Studying sociology at A Level offers insights into the pressing social and cultural issues of the day, such as the causes of poverty, racism and sexism. It helps to develop an understanding of the questions of culture, identity, religion, crime, childhood, and education. This will enable you to make sense of the society in which you live and to understand the social issues which affect us all.

  • What will I study?

    During the first year you will look at families and households, covering such issues such as why family structure is changing and why governments seek to intervene in family life. You will also study education which covers areas including the reasons behind why some people fail in education, and why governments make it compulsory to attend school.

    In the second year you will study a unit on crime and deviance which includes looking at social reasons for why people commit crime and accusations of racism in the criminal justice system. You will then go on to study beliefs in society, covering issues such as the different functions of religion in modern societies.

    Throughout the course you will also focus on the different sociological methods used by sociologists.

    *All units are subject to change and may be withdrawn.

  • Who is this course for?

    It is for those students who seek an in-depth understanding of society and the different elements that make it up including families, education, beliefs, crime and deviance.

    This course is ideal if you have an interest in Sociology and wish to gain an A Level qualification.

  • How is the course assessed?

    Three written exams covering each component at the end of the second year of the course.

  • General info

    You will be advised on recommendations of specific textbooks and materials that are recommended for the study of this course.

  • Progression and Career Opportunities

    Higher Education

    An A Level in Sociology provides an excellent background for careers in clinical psychology, mental health, research and development. It also provides a good background for education, marketing and advertising and human resources.

  • Entry Requirements for new students

    The required point score to join our A Level programme is 4.25 across all your GCSEs. This must include a minimum of 5 grade 5s or above including a grade 5 or above in English Language and maths, with a grade 6 in another written subject desirable. An average point score will be calculated across your GCSE grades.

    A BTEC qualification at Merit grade, or above, in a related subject may also be considered in exceptional circumstances.

    All applicants will be invited for interview.