The College doesn’t have a formal dress code/uniform, but, as we are preparing all students for the world of work, we do ask all students to be mindful of our professional environment.

Therefore, we ask you not to wear:

  • Clothes that cause offence to others

  • Items that expose your chest and midriff, such as vests, crop tops, transparent clothing and exceptionally short skirts or shorts

  • Clothing with discriminatory, explicit or sexual slogans or images

  • Hoods, caps or hats whilst inside

  • Excessively high heels

  • Unsuitable footwear, such as slippers

We also follow an industry standard dress code which you must abide by for health and safety, and personal protection reasons. These specific dress codes are for those studying courses such as construction, catering and engineering, and will be shared with you during enrolment.