Our Digital and Academic Resources Centres are an integral part of the teaching and learning experience at all three of our campuses.

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Each Digital and Academic Resources Centre provides extensive and effective support to all students, and our state of the art facilities, easily accessible resources in various formats and highly experienced staff help students to develop their knowledge, skills, talents and intelligence in innovative and creative ways.

A centre of excellence

Our Digital and Academic Resources Centres lead the further education sector in developing a reading culture among our students and have been recognised nationally as centre of excellence for developing academic skills, literacy, numeracy and digital competences.

The work we do has also been acknowledged by:

  • The Association of Colleges (AoC), who have presented us with a prestigious Beacon Award for ‘Embedding Information and Study Skills Programmes into Curriculum’.
  • The Council for Resources in Colleges (CoLRiC), who have commended us for supporting the development of literacy, numeracy and digital skills among our students. At the CoLRiC Best Practice Awards, we have previously won for our Word Detective scheme in 2017, our Maths Magician scheme in 2018, and our Digital Capabilities (DigiCap) scheme in 2019.
  • The Reading Agency, where we have achieved nine consecutive Gold and Silver Awards.

Celebrating our students’ achievement

Our Annual Awards Ceremonies bring together students, their families, friends and teachers to celebrate their achievements in various schemes and creative competitions, including poetry, short story writing, illustration and photography.

To find out more about the services, resources and the support available, you can visit the Digital and Academic Resources Centre website.