We have over 600 teachers, assessors and support staff, who are all passionate about shaping and creating the workforce of tomorrow.

Our dedicated teachers get students interested in, and excited about, what they are learning. They have high expectations of each of our students, and are incredibly proud of their achievements.

Shaping the next generation

Many of our teachers have status as ‘dual professionals’ - having become teachers straight from industry, they are uniquely positioned to pass their subject-specific knowledge to the next generation.

This unique opportunity to learn directly from experts will improve your experience, outcomes and development of key skills. This is key to each of our study programmes and will give you a competitive edge in the world of work.

A first-class teaching experience

We want your time at Northampton College to be rewarding and enjoyable.

Each member of staff works hard to make every lesson dynamic and engaging, seeking feedback from students and employers to create the best educational experience possible.

Every student is given an individual learning plan and teachers gather data on student performance so that they can target students’ learning needs. We then use this feedback to continuously update our practice, so that it meets our students' individual needs for learning, achievement and future goals.

We will work with you to:

  • Ensure you are well supported during your time with us
  • Improve your skills and knowledge
  • Prepare you for the world of work
  • Support you to gain the best possible grade in your qualification or apprenticeship.

Our teachers will motivate, inspire and encourage you to reach your potential so that, like many of our other students, you can progress into your dream career.