Our Study Programme comprises the following key elements:

  • Core qualifications

    Once your son/daughter has chosen the subject they are interested in, the College is committed to ensuring they are working at the right level and are constantly challenged to achieve.

  • Maths and English

    Within their core qualification, students develop vital maths and English skills. If students do not yet have a grade 4 (C) or higher in these subjects at GCSE level, we will work with them towards achieving this goal.

    Students will also have the opportunity to improve their GCSE grade if they already have a 4 (C) in maths and English.

  • Work experience and employability

    As part of the wider Careers Programme, students will take part in sessions covering CV writing, interview skills, finding employment, time management, money skills, and personal development to build confidence.

    We are also proud of our links with local employers, and offer exciting opportunities for students to participate in talks from guest speakers and industry visits to business venues. Students may be given the opportunity to take part in work experience placements during their time with us.

  • Support and progress

    Weekly timetables are structured to accommodate dedicated sessions to discuss individual progress and support needs. These may take place one-to-one, or as a full-group activity.

  • T Levels

    Starting in September 2022, this new Level 3 technical qualification is equivalent to three A Levels and combines classroom study with a significant work placement (called an industry placement) to give students the skills and knowledge required to be work-ready.

  • Industry Placements

    These placements form part of the new T Level course, and give students the opportunity to develop practical and technical skills. Depending on which course students choose to study, they may have the opportunity to undertake an industry placement or industry placement project in September 2022.