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The broad purpose of the occupation is to work and interact directly with children on a day to day basis supporting the planning of and delivery of activities, purposeful play opportunities and educational programmes within the ethos of the setting. An EYP works as part of a professional team ensuring the welfare and care for children under the guidance and supervision of an Early Years Educator, teacher or other suitably qualified professional the Early Years Workforce.

  • What will I study?

    During this apprenticeship you will be required to cover the following core skills, knowledge and behaviours:


    • How children learn and the expected pattern of babies and children's development from birth to 5 years and their further development from ages 5 to 7
    • The importance to children's holistic development of, speech, language and communication, personal, social and emotional development, physical development and literacy and numeracy
    • The significance of attachment, the key person's role and how transitions and other significant events impact children
    • The legal requirements and guidance on safeguarding, security, confidentiality of information and promoting the welfare of children including policies and procedures and health and safety
    • Risks and hazards in the work setting and during off site visits
    • Own role and responsibilities, including reporting, in the event of a baby or young child requiring medical/ dental attention, a non-medical incident or emergency and identifying risks and hazards and how to refer concerns about a Childs development


    • Support babies and young children through a range of transitions
    • Demonstrate skills and understanding for the prevention and control of infection, including hand washing, food preparation and hygiene, dealing with spillages safely, safe disposal of waste, using correct personal protective equipment
    • Recognise when a child is in danger, at risk of serious harm or abuse and explain the procedures to be followed to protect them
    • Communicate with all children in ways that will be understood, including verbal and non-verbal communication
    • Work with colleagues to identify and plan enabling environments, activities (both indoors and outdoors), play opportunities and educational programmes (both adult led and child initiated) to support children's holistic development through a range of play, creativity, social development and learning
    • Support the assessment, planning, implementation and reviewing (the graduated approach) of each baby's and young child's individual plan for their care and participation including early interest in mathematical learning, reading and writing


    • Caring, compassionate, team player committed, honest, trustworthy and to work in a non-discriminatory way taking into account fundamental British Values
    • Positive work ethic and working as part of a team with colleagues and other professionals.
    • Developing trust by working in a confidential, ethical and empathetic manner.
  • Who is this course for?

    This Apprenticeship is ideal if you have an interest in Childcare and learning how Children progress and develop in a safe and nurturing environment.

    You can:

    • Achieve a qualification
    • Gain valuable work experience and career development
    • Earn while you learn
  • How is the course assessed?
    • Day release once a week to College
    • Develop a portfolio of evidence
    • Assessments in the work place
    • Observations of practice/Employer witness testimonies of practice

    To complete your apprenticeship you will have to achieve Level 1 English and Maths if not already held and upskill to Level 2, pass an end point assessment (EPA) and pass Paediatric First Aid if not already achieved

  • Knowledge

    You will develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of:

    • Child development, observing behaviour and how to support children and young peoples education
    • Safeguarding, health and safety and wellbeing
    • working with parents, carers, wider families, agencies and services.
  • Skills

    You will have the ability to:

    • plan and lead activities that include The learning and development areas of current early education curriculum requirements
    • Analyse and explain how childrens learning and development can be affected by their stage of development and individual circumstances
    • ensure plans fully reflect The stage of development, individual needs and circumstances of children and providing consistent care and responding quickly to The needs of The child.
  • Behaviours

    What is required?

    • care and compassion
    • Honesty, trust and integrity while working as part of a team
    • Commitment to working in a non-discriminatory way whilst promoting British Values.
  • General info
    • Essential equipment required for classroom activities and assessments whilst at College
    • A full Kit list will be provided at induction.
  • Progression and Career Opportunities

    After successful completion of this course you could progress within your childcare career or on to a Level 3 Early Years Educator qualification.

  • Entry Requirements for new students
    • Applicants will typically hold GCSEs in maths and English, both at grade C (4) or above
    • BKSB Diagnostics in English and Maths will be undertaken to assess applicants current working level

    All applicants will be invited for interview with an apprenticeship advisor and the employer.

  • Admissions Process
    • Be prepared to sit English and maths assessments.
    • You will need to bring copies of your certificates for any qualifications already achieved
    • A copy of your CV or application
    • The interview process will include an informal advice and guidance session with one of our apprenticeship advisors in preparation for a formal interview with an employer (subject to suitability for the course and job)