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This is a Foundation Level GCSE Maths course for students who would like to achieve a grade 4 or a grade 5. It is taught during a one and a half hour lesson each week where students will develop their mathematical understanding and technique. Students will also be expected to complete at least a further one and a half hours remote learning. Students will improve their problem-solving skills and build on their current numeracy knowledge so they are able to apply them to a variety of contexts and question types.

GCSE Maths grade 4 (minimum) is a standard qualification requirement for most employers and for courses at Level 3 and above.

The topics you are likely to study include: -Number -Algebra -Ratio, proportion and rates of change -Geometry and measures -Probability -Statistics

All units are subject to change and may be withdrawn.

  • Who is this course for?

    Anyone wishing to improve their Mathematics and whose aim is to ultimately achieve the equivalent of Grade 4 or 5 at GCSE. After completing this course you can then go on to do Higher GCSE Mathematics and A-Level Mathematics (which is subject to achieving a Grade 7 at Higher GCSE).

  • How is the course assessed?

    Students will sit three formal written examinations in May/June. (One non-calculator and two calculator.)

  • General info

    Materials will be advised at the first class. It will be necessary to purchase the course text book, approximately £15. Basic stationery, compass and protractor and a scientific calculator will also be required.

  • Entry Requirements for new students

    Tutor based assessment, previous study will be an advantage. There will also be an assessment in week four or five. This will determine whether the GCSE course is suitable for you. If not, you will be advised of alternative Maths courses you could transfer to.

    Please call our Enrolment team on 0300 123 2344 to book an assessment.