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This is a Higher Level GCSE Maths course for students who would like to achieve the higher grades in this qualification. This is a very challenging Maths course and students will be expected to have already achieved a grade 4 or grade C in GCSE Maths. It is taught during a two and a half hour lesson each week where students will develop their mathematical understanding and technique. Students will also improve their problem-solving skills and build on their current numeracy knowledge so they are able to apply them to a variety of contexts and question types.

GCSE Maths grade 4 (minimum) is a standard qualification requirement for most employers and for courses at Level 3 and above. It may be necessary to have a higher GCSE Maths grade of 5 or above for progression into sciences and engineering or some university courses.

  • Who is this course for?

    Anyone wishing to improve their GCSE Mathematics to achieve the higher grades of grade 5 or above. Please note this is a challenging Maths course.

  • How is the course assessed?

    Students will sit three formal written examinations in May/June. (One non-calculator and two calculator.)

  • General info

    Materials will be advised at the first class. It will be necessary to purchase the course text book, approximately £15. Basic stationery, compass and protractor and a scientific calculator will also be required.

  • Entry Requirements for new students

    Students must have a GCSE Maths grade 4 or grade C before enrolling to this course. Please bring evidence of this qualification with you to enrol. There will also be an assessment in week four or five; this will determine whether the GCSE Higher Maths course is suitable for you. If not, you will be advised of alternative Maths courses you could transfer to.