Thursday, 18 May 2023 marked the 50th anniversary of Northampton College, which officially opened at Booth Lane in 1973!

To celebrate the landmark anniversary, four of Northampton College’s first five students – Paul Howard, Tony Metcalfe, Martin Watford and Lindon Morris, known as Taffy to his classmates – returned to Booth Lane for a tour of our Engineering department.

When Paul, Tony, Lindon and Martin first arrived in 1972, their craft engineering course was the only one to have started so there were only five students. Now – 50 years on – the College has thousands of students enrolled. 

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Looking back at 50 years

The gallery below shows key press cuttings from our 50 years as a college, along with photos of previous Booth Lane buildings and highlights of our recent 50th anniversary reunion visit.

You can click on each image to view it in full.