Amy Ball Blog
By Amy Ball, Marketing Coordinator, 4 April 2023

Without a doubt, you’ll know when it’s Mental Health Awareness Week. Your social media feeds will be full of reminders to call your family, check-in on your friends and, finally, to take care of yourself. While the week itself doesn’t come around until May, I really believe you should remain aware of your mental health every week.

Recently, I heard someone say that “you can’t pour from an empty cup”, meaning that in order to take care of others, you have to take care of yourself first.

And it’s so true, isn’t it?

You don’t wait until your car is falling apart to take it for an MOT – you go once a year.

You rarely wait until your phone battery is completely dead before putting it on charge – you plug it in just in time.

In the same way, you really shouldn’t wait until you are completely run down before taking yourself for some TLC – yet we so often do.

At The Salon NC, based in Northampton town centre, we are training the next generation of hairdressers, beauty experts and spa therapists.

It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge that this profession comes with an outdated reputation and stigma - I must admit, when I volunteered to take part in one of our students’ final spa therapy exams last week, I was so impressed with how much theoretical knowledge each student had to combine with practical skill to pass their assessment and become qualified.

One of my favourite parts of the day, and the thing I will genuinely take with me into my day-to-day life included a full body and skin analysis, complete with custom treatment and follow-up recommendations based on my specific skin and body types. This information will help me to modify my skincare, gym routine and food and drink intake so I can look and feel my best.

Other treatments included electrotherapy to tone muscles and reduce cellulite, a full Dermologica facial, dry spa treatments and a full body massage, which my aching muscles really thanked me for!

I didn’t fully realise how much I needed to be able to switch off my mind and body and enjoy a day of pampering, confident in the hands of our incredible students. Arianne, my beauty therapist for the day, will soon be undertaking a work experience placement at Whittlebury Hall Spa, with a view to secure full-time employment. I have no doubt she’ll succeed, and I feel proud to have played a very small part in her journey towards her dream career.

The Salon NC, and students like Arianne, rely on the support of local customers, many of which are required to be available during the day.

So, if you are able, please remember the saying from earlier on - book that day off work, come along and “fill your cup” with a gorgeous day of self-care at The Salon NC. I promise you won’t regret it.