rebekah potter blog
By Rebekah Potter, Student Governor on 7 January 2019

Having now entered our second term of college, many of you will now have realised that people were not lying when they said that college is extremely different from secondary school.

I certainly realised it when we reached this time last year, and I have begun to understand the importance of having another viable option for those students who do not wish to stay at sixth form or enter work.

We are all part of the movement of Further Education colleges who provide this option for those who would otherwise struggle to reach the heights that they aspire to.

Malcolm X famously said: “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Northampton College is one of many FE Colleges around the country that enables everyone, regardless of academic ability or personal circumstances, to achieve the tomorrow they dream of by working for it today.

It got me thinking more in depth about some of the reasons why I love our college and here are my top four reasons:

My college day:

The structure of my lectures is high up on my list of what I love about our college. Secondary school seemed to be a monotony of dragging classes, moving from building to building for eight hours - which definitely seemed like much longer. I love how college gives me the time and freedom to work independently to further my knowledge and expand on what I’m taught during compulsory college hours. There are some days when I’m in for full days and other where I have study periods. Likewise, there are some days where my classes are spread far apart and I have large breaks to grab lunch, study with friends, or do additional work to further my knowledge.


It is a satisfying feeling to be independent and responsible for my own education. It was initially something of a shock to be held responsible for my learning and extra research, but I love the freedom that I gained when I left my secondary school and came to study A-levels at college. All it takes is a good head on your shoulders and some time management skills, but it all comes in time and the college is most definitely there to guide and support you in your academic and personal development.


When I first left my school, I was terrified to leave my friends and the familiar faces I’d spent the last five years with. However, I quickly realised that my fear was unnecessary and unfounded. The people I have met here at Northampton College have quickly become firm friends and it has evolved into a group where we are able to support each other and constantly raise each other up. I will never not be friends with those that I was close to before I started my college journey but there is something different about the bond you build with the people you go to college with.


The lecturers I’ve had have truly made my college experience better than I could have ever anticipated. They are always willing to help me with work, staying after class or rearranging their days to fit me in. They are always reaching out to me with information about job opportunities and University information. When I leave for University in June, I will miss many things about Northampton College but the lecturers and staff and the relationships I’ve built with them is something I will definitely remember forever.