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By Glenn Prenpeh, Level 3 Journalism and PR on 19 October 2017

Dear Millennials,

As much as I enjoy reading those third-party websites telling us that we’re killing napkins and avocados, it’s time for society to actually grant us our deserved recognition. People love to tell us that we’re by far the most catastrophic generation but they don’t realise how far we’ve come.

Older generations like to tell us that we take everything for granted and how back in their day things were way harder. Well the thing is.... that’s exactly the problem. The fact that older generations had it harder growing up should be a reason for us to be appreciated.

We should stop glorifying the past and pretend like it was an ideal era to live in. When Baby Boomers or people from Generation X tell us that they miss the good old days, what good old days are they actually talking about?

Are they talking about when coloured people had to sit at the back of the bus? Are they talking about when there was a misogynistic man running around killing a bunch of women? Or when same sex couples couldn’t get married? Or are they talking about when the world was covered in gun powder?

The point is, each generation has its good and bad qualities. So, whenever older individuals judge you for being on your phone all the time just remember that they are judging you based on what they know. They don’t know that social media is a way to learn new things every day or expand your awareness.

They just think it’s a screen you’re attached to but it’s much more than that. Weirdly enough, I can say that social media has taught me more about the world than secondary school actually did and that’s because we’ve kept the same ancient education system where all different individuals are forced to fit in one box.

Being here at Northampton College, for the first time in my life I feel like I’ve been granted the freedom and support to be who I am.

Millennials, we’re doing just fine.

Yours Truly, The Napkin-Killing Millennial