By Connor Cummings, Level 3 Business student, 8 February 2023

I am currently enrolled on a Level 3 Business course at Northampton College, which has been enjoyable so far, with friendly peers and teachers. This week, I completed a work experience placement in the marketing team at Northampton College as part of my course. Here's how it went...

I had a great first impression for my work experience and the College marketing team. First, I was introduced to Alex who briefed me on the tasks I'd be facing in the week. The team consists of three people, Alex, Amy and Victoria, who created a welcoming environment, showed me the ropes and instructed me on my tasks. My work experience placement helped me to understand workplace culture, time management and teamwork. It's also increased my adaptability and knowledge of my chosen industry, providing insight into the work I want to go into. 

From my placement, I was hoping to learn more about time management and adaptability, as well as gathering an understanding of how I function in a work environment. I believe I have acquired these skills, assisting the marketing team with event planning, asking questions to students around campus and being given the opportunity to design new posters and social media posts. 

So, why did I choose business?

I hope to develop my own clothing business and ascertain an understanding of businesses and how they operate, as well as developing my independence. The course has helped me to develop interpersonal skills such as communication, active listening and management, and I hope that throughout the course, I will continue to learn leadership skills, critical thinking and problem solving, teamwork and collaboration and creativity. 

This is why work experience is such an important part of my course - not only does it teach you a range of employment skills and strengthen your CV, the skills I'm hoping to learn are reflected in the event planning and teamwork I have been a part of this week.

I've really enjoyed my placement, as it has been a vital insight into the industry. A career in marketing could definitely be in my future!