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By Victoria Murphy, Head of Marketing on 12 October 2017

I love this time of year when the leaves are turning yellow and our thoughts are turning towards autumn nights, Halloween and bonfires. But it’s also the time when we start to think about next autumn as we launch our brand new shiny prospectus for September 2018-19.

I particularly like the cover photo this year which sums up the way college studies embrace new technology and allow you to be who you are. Thanks to our lovely cover star model Paige Beasley who is studying Level 3 Art and Design. Our prospectus has the headlines and the detail is all on our website. Let’s take a look at what’s inside this year.

The College is always starting new and innovative courses and this year, the highlights for me include our new construction courses. You might not have heard of building services but engineers in this field work on acoustics, heating, lighting and security and a have a strong focus on the environmental impact of construction.

If you’re into art and design, we have a very popular course on tattooing and illustration. While you won’t get to do the inking itself, the course will help you put together a portfolio of eye-catching designs and meet contacts from this growing industry. If you prefer to earn while you learn, we can help you find a job and start an Apprenticeship. There are lots of fascinating pathways including shoe manufacturing, welding and cookery.

Also in the new prospectus, you can read our current students’ stories. Creative media student Ada Stone, our new and enthusiastic student governor, will be giving his views on college management. Henrietta Farrugia is running the Students’ Union this year as president and wants to work with other students to improve the student experience.

You can also read about past students who have achieved great things. Read Onni’s amazing story about how she passed her science exams despite losing her coursework in a fire at her home. Chris tells us about his journey to a degree course at Manchester University with A* science grades after a previous experience of university ended badly. And Kurdish student Stira won an award for her progress on the art and design course in Daventry after she came to the UK from Syria speaking absolutely no English. Who knows, maybe your story will feature in next year’s prospectus?

College is not all about studying; there is a great social scene, too, and you can take up some different interests and meet new friends. If you like music, you can learn to play the guitar or drums, or take singing lessons. Work off your energy after lectures with a Zumba or yoga class. Or broaden your horizons by learning Chinese or Spanish. If you’re into technology, you can learn 3D computer animation, and there’s always driving test theory and car maintenance if you’re keen to get on the road.

We’re proud of what our prospectus offers for next year and can’t wait to share it. You can pick up a copy if you’re out and about, or we will send a free copy home to you in exchange for a few details on our website. Now you know what to reach for when you sit down to relax on one of those cosy, autumnal nights in. We hope it will provide plenty of inspiration so that you can start your story.