nana ameyaw blog
By Nana Ameyaw, Level 3 Journalism & PR, on 10 November 2017



 Make friends and support your fellow students. Here are a few top tips for helping shy or self-conscious students feel safe and supported.

• Why not try approaching students sitting alone in the canteen or in class. Remember, some people can appear unsociable or confidence, so it is important to reflect on your choice of words before making an approach.

• Talk about your hobbies first to help the person also talk about something. This helps to create a comfortable and friendly conversation where there is no tension.

• Remember to be cautious about your choice of words when asking personal questions, when you feel it is needed.

Remember, don’t strive for popularity. Surround yourself with people who genuinely make you happy.

Resist saying words like ‘besties’ and ‘I love you’ on the first two days or weeks of initially becoming friends. I am saying this from experience, because you never know when one of you might change courses and that can be very hurful.

As we all know you are given four to six weeks to make a change. This gives you until half term to decide which course is best for you and within this period you may change your mind about who your friends are.

So, from one student to another, get out there, grab hold of any opportunities that present themselves and make friends. It's always worth the effort.