Whether it is developments in modern medicine or the latest technology that powers the mobile phone, science is incorporated into all aspects of life and as a scientist, you have the chance to shape the future. It is scientists that have been at the forefront of detection, monitoring, tracking and vaccine development for COVID-19 over the last two years.

We offer Level 1, 2 and 3 courses in Applied Science (Biochemistry) and our environmental science A Level is the ideal course for anyone with a keen interest in the sustainability of our planet.

We also offer Access to Higher Education courses - so whatever your ability or area of interest, there is a science course available. 

All our courses cover subjects within biology, chemistry, physics, maths and environmental science and you will come away with an inquisitive, innovative mind and be equipped with all the skills that you will need to move on to higher education, employment and beyond. 

Studying science could take you on a variety of career paths as not all scientists wear white coats. There will be a strong practical element whichever course you undertake, as well as the opportunities for fieldwork and even residential visits.