Our aim is to make sure every student receives a high-quality education experience and there are no barriers to learning.

We have made a significant investment in our digital infrastructure, and we are very pleased to inform you that all students enrolled on a 16-18 full-time study programme will be loaned a laptop or Chromebook when they start their studies with us.

*A deposit of £50 will be required at enrolment and we think this represents excellent value for money. This deposit will be refunded when the laptop or Chromebook is returned in full working order complete with charger and lead.

Each laptop/Chromebook will have Microsoft Office and antivirus software installed, and you will have access to support from our IT helpdesk. Our friendly staff are just a phone call away and can help with a range of technical problems including email, internet, speed, software, viruses, breakages, and much more.

You will be expected to bring your college laptop or Chromebook with you to every lesson. Digital Skills form part of our curriculum and you will be supported to realise the powerful effect that using technology can have within your learning. You’ll also be given the tools to understand how you can use your laptop to enhance your college experience and improve your ability to study.

Paying your deposit 

Once you have accepted your college place, we will write to you again with details of how to pay the deposit for your laptop.

If you are in receipt of a bursary to help with the cost of coming to college, you will not need to pay the deposit. To find out more about the student bursary scheme please visit the Student Support section of our website.