Why consider teaching at Northampton College?

Here are our top five reasons to get into teaching:

  1. No teaching experience required - you don’t need any previous experience of working as a qualified teacher/trainer as you will be able to study for teaching or training and assessor qualifications, which the College will fund.

  2. Become a ‘Dual Professional’ - by joining the College straight from industry and training to become a teacher, you will have status as a ‘dual professional’, which will enhancing your career prospects, as well as the experience and outcomes of our students.

  3. Revitalise your career - becoming a teacher could offer you a fresh and exciting new perspective on your career, enabling you to build on or develop new skills and open the door to new opportunities.

  4. Flexible working - Although the work can be demanding, there are opportunities to choose between working full-time, part-time, evenings and potentially Saturdays.

  5. Inspire the next generation - If you’re ready to share your knowledge, escape the 9-5 and do something more worthwhile, becoming a teacher will be perfect for you. 

Teacher training qualifications

We take pride in giving our students access to teaching from experts in their chosen profession – so if you’re looking to become a teacher straight from industry, the College will provide you with on-the-job teacher training.

Within our supportive environment, we will guide you to achieve success, and fund any qualifications, support and training required.