Modern day mechanics at Northampton College will accelerate their learning in state-of-the-art workshops thanks to a donation of three up-to-date cars from a county motor company.

Wellingborough-based recycling company Auto Spares has gifted the college three up-to-date vehicles, so student mechanics have the chance to practice working on cars they are more likely to encounter in their future employment.

The donated vehicles include two 2008 Polos and one 2001 Fiat Punto, with the market value of each vehicle rounding up to £1,000. Auto Spares have also taken away some of the college's outdated vehicles and will continue to refresh the stock available to students.

Robert Austin, co-director of Auto Spares, said: Technology in vehicles is always changing so it's vital students become familiar with modern car engines and all the equipment that accompanies newer models. We're pleased we've been able to help Northampton's mechanics of the future by providing them with some newer cars to work on.

We recognise that hardworking mechanics with good skills and know-how are vital nowadays which is why we decided to donate these cars.

There are still some vehicles at the college that could do with being replaced and Auto Spares has pledged to continue working with the students, providing them with more used cars in the future, including potentially providing them with a hybrid vehicle.

Motor vehicle engineering tutor Stephen Smith said: "It's so important our students have access to modern cars to enable them to practice and develop their skills on machinery they are likely to come into contact with day in, day out in the workplace. The technology in cars has developed rapidly so students need to be able to have a thorough understanding of newer vehicles and how they operate.

We're extremely grateful to Auto Spares for their kind donation and we're sure this will make a real difference to our students throughout the duration of their course.

Auto Spares and Northampton College will continue to work together to provide motor vehicle engineering students with good quality equipment that will allow them to learn and progress during their studies.

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