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dan owens blog

By Daniel Owens, PR and Communications Executive on 27 March 2020

So, that was Week One of ‘the new normal’.

By anyone’s standards, this has been an extraordinary few days. None of us have ever experienced anything like it before and the speed at which the situation has, quite rightly, been forced upon us has been truly incredible.

By Ben Fielding, on behalf of Amberjack on 16 October 2019

We each have 24 hours in a day, but how you spend those hours is completely up to you. Outside of work, college and other unavoidable commitments, you’re free to spend your time as you wish. Whether you’re heading to the gym, catching up on some revision or just procrastinating with friends, you’re the only person in control of your own time.

However, have you ever noticed some people seem to be able to get way more out of their time than you do? No, they can’t slow down time, but they can manage it effectively, which is where you might be losing those precious hours. These 10 simple tips will help you manage your time more effectively, and before you know it, everyone will be asking you how you’re able to cram so much into your days.

rebekah potter blog
By Rebekah Potter, Student Governor on 8 March 2019

1. 63 million girls still need to go to school.
2. Globally, about ⅓ women will be beaten or raped during their lifetime.
3. Every 2 seconds, a girl under the age of 18 is married.
4. Every 60 seconds, 6 women are at risk of undergoing female genital mutilation.

 william clarke blog

By William Clarke, ID Card Centre on 14 January 2019

What are the essentials for being successful at the start of your career? Qualifications? Confidence? Maturity? All of these are, of course, a highly important part of beginning and developing a career in your desired area of work- but if you’re not sure what career route you’d like to take, work experience is a fantastic way to discover what kind of jobs are available in an industry that interests you.

Monique, studying Business at Northampton College, fulfilled her compulsory work experience placement at ID Card Centre Ltd, supplier of printed cards, lanyards and ID accessories. Keen to get the most out of her work experience, Monique took the placement seriously and worked hard throughout the week in order to get the most out of it. Let’s find out a little bit about how Monique got on.

rebekah potter blog
By Rebekah Potter, Student Governor on 7 January 2019

Having now entered our second term of college, many of you will now have realised that people were not lying when they said that college is extremely different from secondary school.