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eddie mcgoldrick blog
By Eddie McGoldrick on 11 June 2018

What have Lionel Messi, Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo all got in common?

Well, yes, they’re all fantastic footballers, they’re all prolific goalscorers and they’ll all be starring on the biggest stage of all this summer when the World Cup kicks off in Russia. But there’s something else that comes hand-in-hand with their incredible talent. Hard work.

matthew cox blog copy

By Matthew Cox on 7 June 2018

The last time I wrote a blog piece I was just beginning the work experience I was given and even though I was excited I was also very nervous for what lay ahead. I had so many questions circling in my mind beforehand about the world of work but four weeks on from my first day of having a taste of working life I am now knowledgeable on what it will be like for the future.

matthew cox blog
By Matthew Cox on 21 May 2018

In school I was used to being told what to do and not having any say in the matter. I had become used to the usual cycle of school life and could predict what I would be doing day by day, so when it came to completing my GCSEs I was excited to take the plunge into independence when starting a college course.

tom george blog
By Tom George, Teacher of Art, Illustration and Photography on 21 May 2018

As requested by Northampton College, I recently took the lead on a trophy design project for the Northampton Logistic Awards 2018. The college has recently purchased a laser cutter, inspiring a new wave of creativity, opening doors of possibilities in production and accuracy almost impossible to achieve by hand. Using a laser beam to cut the trophies, we were able to cut complex shapes and engrave text to a variety of depths by altering the sensitivity of the beam.

amy ball blog new
By Amy Ball on 10 May 2018

When my manager told me she had volunteered my name to take part in Northampton College’s Big Rig Low Carbon challenge, I actually laughed. My qualification is in Business Administration, where I feel comfortable so I never believed I’d be doing anything like this, but here I was, out of my comfort zone again.