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nana ameyaw blog
By Nana Ameyaw, Level 3 Journalism and PR Student, on 10 November 2017

Today was my first experience of a Remembrance Day two minute silence.

It was really thoughtful and impressive to see my peers pay their respects.

Seeing students and staff with the poppy flower on their chests come together in the Courtyard was incredible. At the front our Public Services students saluted and marked in remembrance the lives that were lost during the war. I thought to myself this was really impressive and peaceful.

Beginning the process three students read a few words to the waiting crowd. One was read in Russian and the rest was English.

nana ameyaw blog
By Nana Ameyaw, Level 3 Journalism & PR, on 10 November 2017



 Make friends and support your fellow students. Here are a few top tips for helping shy or self-conscious students feel safe and supported.

• Why not try approaching students sitting alone in the canteen or in class. Remember, some people can appear unsociable or confidence, so it is important to reflect on your choice of words before making an approach.

• Talk about your hobbies first to help the person also talk about something. This helps to create a comfortable and friendly conversation where there is no tension.

lauren gibbons
By Lauren Gibbons, Level 3 Journalism and PR on 3 November 2017

Northampton College’s Year 1 Media and Year 2 Journalism and PR students were given the chance to go to the Warner Bros Studio in London for ‘The Making of Harry Potter’ tour.

Being a relatively knowledgeable fan of the Harry Potter franchise and part of the generation that felt as if they grew up with the child actors, I was embarrassingly excited.

However, my typically cynical self wasn’t expecting too much. Maybe a room of some props used in some of the later films, a set or two and a canteen to buy the infamous Butterbeer. I was ignorant to say the least. It was massive. I was unaware that the whole studio (so, basically an air bunker) had been taken over by film sets, green screen, costumes, visual effects, props, prosthetics, and of course, a Starbucks.

ruth blog
By Ruth Exelby, Assistant Principal - Employer Engagement 26 October 2017

Why become a governor at your local college or school?

If you answer ‘So that I can interfere and find out what my children are up to’ this is probably not for you.

Perhaps the answer ‘To do something meaningful, contribute to my local community and get a great sense of satisfaction’ is not the first thing to spring to mind, but when was the last time you volunteered to do something meaningful which would support your career development and possibly even make you happier?

patrick leavey blog
By Patrick Leavey, Deputy Principal on 26 October 2017

It is widely understood that the construction engineering sector in the UK is due to grow with infrastructure projects accounting for 45% of growth between now and 2021.

‘Infrastructure’ means projects that link towns, cities and villages. It can include roads, trainlines, bridges, tunnels, ports, and flood defences. In the East Midlands, a new rail centre for logistics in Northamptonshire is set to connect the West Coast mainline with the Northampton loop line and the A43. And the most topical and controversial infrastructure project is, of course, the High Speed 2 rail link that will eventually connect the UK on an east-west axis.

Growth in infrastructure means jobs, and jobs require skills. At Northampton College, we have launched a new range of study programmes that will put our students in the best position to take advantage of these new opportunities.

Let’s take a look at the specific types of construction engineering work that is involved in the six stages of infrastructure projects.