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james mcmahon blog
By James McMahon, Level 3 Journalism & PR on 5 October 2017

Ever since EGX, otherwise known as Eurogamer, started in 2008 it has become the go-to destination for gaming fans eager to enjoy a sneak preview of hotly anticipated new releases and for indie and student developers to showcase their projects.

jason lancaster
By Jason Lancaster, Vice Principal on 4 October 2017

What do employers look for?

That’s a question we’ve all asked at some point, particularly when we’re thinking about applying for a new job. Of course, every employer is different. I can’t claim to be an avid follower of Alan Sugar’s Apprentice, now back on our screens. However, I’m not sure he’s absolutely typical of what you’ll find when you start brushing up your CV.

patrick leavey blog
By Patrick Leavey, Deputy Principal on 2 October 2017

No doubt you’ve heard this more than once from your tutors, but good advice is worth repeating.

Be punctual and get here on time for all your classes.

Being late is not only against college rules, it also makes your life so much more complicated. A candidate would never arrive late for an interview; they simply would not get the job. So, please don’t fall into the trap of tardiness.

School of the Arts on 29 September 2017

There’s plenty of commotion coming from the drama studio this week as our second year Level 3 Acting students are busy rehearsing for their first performance of the year.

patbrennan barrett blog
By Pat Brennan-Barrett, Principal on 27 September 2017

Choices in education are often misunderstood and subject to widespread prejudice. This can be damaging because we know that further education provides an excellent springboard into worthwhile careers. Let’s look at the most common misconceptions about colleges and dispel the myths. People who don’t know better might think that if you go to college you: